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Personalizing workouts

Say goodbye to traditional measurements, awkward moments, and uncertainty about the accuracy of the information provided by using a tape measure.

As a Fit-Nest client (, you enjoy free access to the medical device VISBODY for intelligent, millimeter-precise measurements. In just 32 seconds, a 3D avatar and body composition analysis (with 15 measurements), circumference measurements (13 measurements), posture analysis (9 measurements), shoulder mobility analysis, as well as recommendations for addressing any issues are generated for you. The results are readily available via QR code on your phone, making it easy to track your exact personal progress from one measurement to the next, especially thanks to the avatar crafted to match your body shape.

Improving performance

By utilizing the complete 3D body scanning, which includes high-precision analysis of body composition, posture assessment, and body circumference measurements, we can obtain comprehensive and accurate data about your body. This data will be used by our trainers to create personalized workouts and to avoid exercises that could lead to injuries.

values of visbody

By leveraging body measurements to determine body fat percentage, fitness and wellness experts can utilize the 3D model to accentuate changes in body shape and set objectives accordingly.

Aesthetics professionals such as plastic surgeons can use before and after 3D images to represent actual change.

Help therapists, chiropractors, and service coaches address rheumatological risks precisely.

Motivate your employees to lead a healthier quality of life by offering health packages by giving them the experience of a proficient device.

Why Choose Visbody 3D Body Scanner

Increase Revenue

Visbody prides itself on providing one of the best sales and retention tools. This tool empowers you to convert and draw new customers through social media to your fitness club/wellness center.

Body scan tests can be charged individually as an added-value service in your business model.

Apprise and Engage

3D Avatars facilitate effective decision-making that considers all possible factors.

A proficient body composition report provides users with a more practical and accurate analysis.

Client cases and testimonials can serve as case studies for evaluating and educating future potential customers.

Save Time and Energy

Visbody dashboard and QR code are provided to manage and monitor progress and customer dates in the most efficient manner.

In addition, Visbody provides remote updates and further technical support at a lifelong level without service charge.

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