Visbody M-30
3D Body Scanning Mirror
The pioneer and innovator of 3D body posture assessment and analysis, see your body like never before.

newly released product serial -- Visbody M30

The newest Visbody 3D body scanning mirror, dedicated to utilizing specialized structured light technology and a totally new interactive method (enhanced AI experience), realizes a comprehensive external body analysis for the tester. 

Visbody M30 uses the individual Intel® RealSense™ depth sensors to scan your body.

Scale alignment laser and interactive sound tutorial help you get the perfect scan every time.

Visbody’s super-powered processor converts 4GB of raw data into a 3D version of you.

Visbody’s rotating weight scale works on carpets as well as hard surfaces.

Solid Foundation

  • Visbody proprietary & core technology matrix
  • Instantly obtain high-precision 3D/4D human body imaging
  • Establishes the strongest fundamentals in the 3D imaging industry 

Genuine Authenticity

  • Through AI vision and 3D optical reconstruction technologies
  • Rapidly collects human body data and generates authentic 3D body avatars
  • Perfectly restores body shape details, creating 360° authentic 3D body models
  • Only by truly “seeing” can intuitive body health management be achieved


is more focused on 3D intelligent body shape and posture assessment

Based on its original research and development of instant high-precision 3D/4D human body scanning technology, as well as focuses on somatic training. Visbody specializes in static and dynamic body posture assessments to meet the demands for body shape and posture evaluation services in various scenarios.

Quality Assurance

Achieved world-class (ISO) standard
Stringent production requirements
production reliability tests
Outgoing quality control tests

Greater expertise, More specialized

Equipped with Visbody’s proprietary intelligent system powered by newly self-developed smart core technology.

It provides in-depth analysis of user body measurement data and generates comprehensive, tailored exercise and nutrition plans, revolutionarily uplifting the service competencies of establishments.

Raise user awareness of restricted movement and pain issues.

Through Visbody’s years of expertise in dynamic tracking technology, real-time capture of shoulder dynamic motion trajectories. Detect and record the maximum range of motion of shoulder abduction and forward flexion, and evaluate shoulder mobility.

values of visbody

By leveraging body measurements to determine body fat percentage, fitness and wellness experts can utilize the 3D model to accentuate changes in body shape and set objectives accordingly.

Aesthetics professionals such as plastic surgeons can use before and after 3D images to represent actual change.

Help therapists, chiropractors, and service coaches address rheumatological risks precisely.

Motivate your employees to lead a healthier quality of life by offering health packages by giving them the experience of a proficient device.

Why Choose Visbody 3D Body Scanner

Increase Revenue

Visbody prides itself on providing one of the best sales and retention tools. This tool empowers you to convert and draw new customers through social media to your fitness club/wellness center.

Body scan tests can be charged individually as an added-value service in your business model.

Apprise and Engage

3D Avatars facilitate effective decision-making that considers all possible factors.

A proficient body composition report provides users with a more practical and accurate analysis.

Client cases and testimonials can serve as case studies for evaluating and educating future potential customers.

Save Time and Energy

Visbody dashboard and QR code are provided to manage and monitor progress and customer dates in the most efficient manner.

In addition, Visbody provides remote updates and further technical support at a lifelong level without service charge.


Core Parameters:

Testing Method
Body density analysis (BDA) & Instantly Body Scanning (IBS )

BDA Technology
Body density analysis

Imaging Technology
The individual advanced depth camera

Electrode body fat scale, Floor mat, Electrode handle, 17.7 inch 1080P HD LCD screen [18.5 inch high luminous touch screen], 360 automatic turntable

Size and Weight:
Device size: 1860mm(H) x 550mm(W) x 340mm(T)
Device weight: 47kg
Turntable size: 74mm(H) x 450mm (Dia)

Report Form:
A4 Report paper/ PDF report/ Webpage report/ Backstage Management System (dashboard)/ QR Code (mobile)

Dark blue color

Output Value:

4 Body Composition
Weight, Lean body mass, BFP, Body fat mass

9 Postural Assessment
Forward Head Posture, Head Tilt, Rounded Shoulders Posture (left side), Rounded Shoulders Posture (right side), Uneven Shoulders, Anterior Pelvic Tilt/Posterior Pelvic Tilt, Left Knee Evaluation, Right Knee Evaluation, Leg Type (Left leg/Right leg)

13 Body Circumferences
Neck, Left upper arm, Right upper arm, High Waist, Mid Waist, Chest, Hip, Left thigh, Minimum Left thigh, Right thigh, Minumum Right thigh, Left leg, Right leg
Shoulder Function Assessment

Testing Rage:
Weight: 10kg-250kg
Height: 130cm- 200cm
Age: 10-99years old

Other Parameters:
Operating Environment: Temperature 10℃~ 40℃/50℉~104℉, Humidity 10%~90%RH
Power Input:AC100-240V/50Hz/150W
Port: Network Interface*1, USB 2.0* 2, Power Interface*1
Internet: Ethernet
Printer: Epson L1119, HP1112

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